Compare Canon printer software: Easy-PhotoPrint EX and My Image Garden

Article ID: FAQ100203 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 11/30/2017


Learn about the differences in features between Canon software that comes with our printers. Contains a comparison chart between Easy-Photo Print EX and My Image Garden.

Comparison chart

  • For models that shipped with Easy-Photo Print EX, My Image Garden is another application that lets you create fun and creative projects.
  • For other models My Image Garden replaces Easy-PhotoPrint EX and it provides added features.
  • Click here for models that support My Image Garden.
  Easy-PhotoPrint EX My Image Garden
Common Function Correct / Enhance Images Y Y
Special Image Filters Y Y
Capture frames from video Y Y
Import photos from photo sharing site (Flickr) Y Y
Auto Photo Fix Y Y
Read the created data Y (Library) Y (My Art)
Save the created data Y -
Auto Layout - Y
Photo Print Photo Print Y Y
Borderless / Bordered Y Y
Index Y Y
ID Photo Y Y
Print from [Online Photo Album] of C.i.G. Y Y
Vivid Photo Y -
Photo Noise Reduction Y -
Enable ICC Profile Y -
Captured Info Y -
Album Album Print Y -
Download the additional theme data Y -
Disc Label / Case Cover Disc Label Print Y Y
Adjust Inner / Outer Circle Size Y Y
Case Cover Print Y -
Edit the template Y -
Download the additional theme data Y -
Creative Park Premium Print Y Y
Calendar, Stickers Y Y
Layout Print Layout Print Y Y
Print to T-Shirt Transfers Y -
Linking Linking with Solution Menu EX Y -
Linking with Quick Menu Y Y
Linking with Canon Image Gateway Y Y
Linking with Digital Photo Professional Y -
Linking with the application of medical products Y -


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