MCT - Compatible Paper (Windows)

Article ID: FAQ100230 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Paper specifications
Refer to "Specifications" and "Paper" for specifications such as thickness and size of paper that can be added as custom paper.

Notes on the operating environment
In low humidity environments (below 40%), your printer may develop the following problems.
Paper becomes curled or wrinkled.
Paper and the printhead are more likely to touch each other, resulting in a scratched print surface or damaged printhead.
The cut printed matter sticks to the printer and will not fall down (film media).
Paper sticks to the printer, making its transfer impossible and preventing its normal ejection (film media).
Uneven printing (film media) In high humidity environments (over 60%), your printer may develop the following problems.
Printed matter will not dry.
Wavy paper surface
Cut edges are ragged (fabric media).
Margins remain due to borderless printing.

•  Canon offers absolutely no guarantees regarding the print quality or paper feed properties of customer paper (paper that is not Canon genuine paper or Canon feed confirmed paper).

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