Locating the serial number - MG4220 / MG3220

Article ID: FAQ100234 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 04/06/2020


The serial number is located on the back of the printer, as shown below.

  1. Turn the printer around to see the back of the printer.
    Note: You may have to power off the printer and then disconnect the USB cable and power cord before turning the printer around.

  2. To the left of the transport unit will be a white sticker.

  3. The serial number is on the white sticker. It consists of four letters and five numbers.
    Example: ABCD01234

  4. Write down the serial number on your sales slip or warranty sheet for future reference.

  5. Turn the printer around, reconnect the USB cable and power cord if they were disconnected and power the printer back on.

Please note that AZDK is part of the FCC information and is not the serial number for your printer.



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