What kind of application is PIXELA Transfer Utility LE?
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What kind of application is PIXELA Transfer Utility LE?
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With Transfer Utility LE, you can import videos recorded by the camcorder to the computer, and export music files to a SD Memory Card and play them back on the camcorder.



Available options are listed below.
Available options
Save movies on the computer

- You can import video files in the camcorder and SD Memory Card.
Transfer music files (background music) to a memory card

- Exports music files in the computer to a SD Memory Card or other storage media. Exported files can be played back with video files at the same time on the camcorder.



  • Supported files
Transfer Utility LE can handle video files recorded with the CANON camcorders which are supported by Transfer Utility LE.



  • Supported format
Article Read Export



File Format H.264 / AVCHD (.mts, .m2ts)
WAVE ( .wav, .wave)
*For music files, use a file longer that 0.5 sec. and the quantization bit rate is 16 bits.td>
Music file export: WAVE (.wav, .wave) files in linear PCM
*A music file must meet specific conditions in order to be exported. For more information, refer to the PIXELA home page.


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