Understand the ScanGear scanner driver for Windows and Macintosh



Learn about ScanGear, the scanner driver for Windows and Macintosh computers - what it does and how to use it.


About ScanGear

ScanGear is scanner driver software for Windows and Macintosh computers required for scanning documents.

With ScanGear you have control over your scanning results. Some of things you can do include:
  • set the output size
  • make image corrections
  • preview scan results
  • set document type

Using ScanGear

ScanGear can be launched from IJ Scan UtilityMy Image Garden, and other applications compatible with the TWAIN standard.

Basic Mode

Note: you can switch to Advanced Mode using the tab at the top of the settings pane.

Use the Basic Mode tab to scan easily by following three simple on-screen steps (see image below: 1, 2, and 3 ).
figure: Basic Mode tab

Advanced Mode

Use the Advanced Mode tab to specify color mode, output resolution, image brightness, color tone, etc. when scanning.
figure: Advanced Mode tab


Driver details

  • ScanGear is a TWAIN-compatible driver.
  • ScanGear may also contain a WIA driver for Windows computers, or an ICA driver for Macintosh computers.

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Updated   11/29/2017

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