Compatible Remote Switch (Still images/Movies) (EOS REBEL SL1 / EOS 100D)

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[[]: Self-timer:10 sec./Remote control / []: Shooting tab 1 / <>: Setting button / < >< >: Cross keys.

Remote Controller and Remote Switch

You can use the Timer Remote Controller RC-6 or Remote Switch RS-60E3 ( sold separately) with the camera for shooting.
  • For details on these accessories' operation procedures, see the respective instruction manuals.
  • Remote control shooting is also possible with an EX-series Speedlite equipped with a remote-release function.
  • In addition to the accessories above, you can use Remote Controller RC-1/RC-5 (sold separately).
  • The Remote Controller can also be used during movie shooting Remote Controller RC-5 cannot be used to take still photos in the movie shooting mode.

Remote Control Shooting

The controller Remote Controller RC-6 (sold separately) enables you to take pictures wirelessly up to approx. 5 meters/16.4 feet from the camera. You can either shoot immediately or use a 2-sec. delay.

1. Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.

2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu.

3. Press the <> keys to select the [ ] tab, press the < > keys to select [Drive/self-tmr], then press <>.

4. Press the <> keys to select [ ], then press <>.

5. Point the remote controller toward the cameras remote control sensor and press the transmit button.

6. The camera will autofocus. When focus is achieved, the self-timer lamp will light up and the picture will be taken.
Fluorescent or LED lighting may cause camera misoperation by triggering the shutter inadvertently. Try to keep the camera away from such light sources.
When shooting movies
You can use Remote Controller RC-6 (sold separately) to start and stop the movie shooting if the drive mode is <>. Set the shooting timing switch to <2> (2-sec. delay), then press the transmit button. If the switch is set to <> (immediate shooting), still photo shooting will take effect.

Connecting the Remote Switch

Remote Switch RS-60E3 (sold separately) comes with an approx. 60 cm/2.0 ft cord. When connected to the cameras remote control terminal, it can be pressed halfway and completely, just like the shutter button.

1. Open the terminal cover.

2. Connect the plug to the remote control terminal.
To disconnect the plug, grasp the plug's silver part and pull out.



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