Is this printer compatible with Windows 8/8.1? (imageCLASS/Faxphone)

Article ID: FAQ100344 | Date published: 05/29/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Yes, this machine is compatible with Windows 8/8.1(32 and 64 bit).

Please follow the instructions below to download drivers:

1. Visit

2. Type you model name into the search box and select it from the list that appears.

3. Click the 'GO' button to get to the Drivers & Software page for your model.

4. Your Operating System should automatically populate in the drop-down menu. If not or if you need a different Operating System, select your Operating System from the provided drop-down menus.

Please note we are currently updating our menus to correctly show drivers under Windows 8.1. If no driver is shown, please select Windows 8 instead.

5. Click the red triangle next to the word "Drivers".

The imageCLASS MF4890dw was used in this example. Click the + symbol next to the file name for a description

6. Click directly on the name of the file to begin the download process.

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