How to update the firmware of your L24 /L36 scanner

Article ID: FAQ100388 | Date published: 06/10/2016 | Date last updated: 06/14/2018


Please follow these steps to successfully update the firmware of your L24 /L36 scanner.
  1. Visit to download the current firmware from the Canon USA website:
  2. Type your model name into the search box and select it from the list that appears. 
  3. Click the [GO] button to get to the Drivers & Downloads page for your model.
  4. From the Drivers & Downloads Page select the Firmware Tab.  Select your Operating System and Version from the provided drop-down menu.  Click [SELECT] next to the firmware you need and then click [DOWNLOAD].
  5. Once the zip file has been downloaded, it will need to be extracted onto a USB memory stick that is completely empty.
  6. With the USB memory stick in the PC, open the "LFW0-**.zip" file.
  7. Extract the files to the memory stick. As most files need to be in a folder on the memory stick, do NOT drag the contents of the zip file onto the memory stick.

  8. Check that 3 files and 1 folder is on the USB memory stick.
  1. Insert the USB memory stick containing the firmware into the USB port of the scanner.

  2. Using the keypad to navigate, install the firmware.

  1. Key/button sequence:
From the home page
  1. The installation will take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Once the installation is complete, it is necessary to reset the scanner back to factory default. To do this, follow this key/button sequence:
The screen should turn black and you should see a large white checkmark.
  1. Power off the scanner by using the power switch located on the right side of the scanner, and then power it back on.

  2. Verify that the firwmare has been updated by checking the firmware version number.  To do this, follow this key/button sequence:

    The latest firmware version is 2.10.

  3. That's it. Congratulations, you have successfully updated the firmware of your L24 / L36 scanner.
If, for some reason, the firmware was not successfully upgraded, please check the verify the following items and then try to update it again:
  • The USB memory stick has been formatted using the FAT32 format.
  • There are no other files on the USB memory stick except for the 3 firmware files and folder.

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