What is the On-hook setting and how do I access it?

Article ID: FAQ100396 | Date published: 10/18/2016 | Date last updated: 10/18/2016


The On-hook setting allows you to use the Black or Color Start buttons as a Hook button.  When this setting is enabled, you can press the Black or Color Start buttons when using the Fax mode to have the printer pick up the phone line.  If you wish to manually receive or send faxes, this setting should be enabled.

To access this setting and to enable or disable it, follow these steps:
  1. Press the Setup  button.  The Setup menu will appear.
  2. Press the  button until Fax settings appears on the LCD.  Press OK.
  3. Press the  button until Security control appears on the LCD.  Press OK.
  4. Press the  button until On-hook setting appears on the LCD.  Press OK.
  5. By default, On-hook setting is set to Enable.  Press the  or  button to toggle between Enable and Disable.  Press OK.


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