Compatible remote controllers and switches - EOS 7D Mark II
Article ID: FAQ100422 | Date published: 11/08/2017 | Date last updated: 11/30/2017


Compatible controllers and switches

You can connect the following remote controllers or switches to your camera:
  • Canon Remote Controller RC-6
  • Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3
  • Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3
  • Canon Wireless Controller LC-5
  • EX-series Speedlite with a remote-release function
  • Any EOS accessory with an N3-type terminal 
See the Supplies & Accessories page of the Canon website for more information on these products. 

Connect a controller or switch

  1. Open the terminal cover.
  2. Connect the plug to the remote control terminal.

Shooting with a remote control

  1. Switch <ON> the camera.
    Power switch
  2. Press the < DRIVE AF > button.
  3. Look at the LCD panel or through the viewfinder and turn the <> dial to select <  >(10-sec. delay) or <  >(2-sec. delay).
  4. Point the remote controller toward the cameras remote control sensor () and press the transmit button.
  5. Once focus is achieved, the self-timer lamp lights up and a picture is taken.

Good to know

  • Fluorescent or LED lighting may trigger the shutter inadvertently. Try to keep the camera away from such light sources.
  • Other remote controllers that use infrared, such as one for a TV, could operate the camera unintentionally. 
  • You can use Remote Controller RC-6 (sold separately) to start and stop the movie shooting if the drive mode is <> or <>. Set the shooting timing switch to <2> (2-sec. delay), then press the transmit button. If the switch is set to <> (immediate shooting), the camera shoots a still photo.
  • If [  /  ] or [  /  ] is set, you can start/stop the movie shooting by pressing the shutter button completely or by using Remote Switch RS-80N3 or Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3. However, with [  /  ] or [  /  ] set, still photo shooting is not possible.