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It is possible to have the ability to digitally imprint documents (without having a physical imprinter installed). This feature is dependent upon the model of scanner and is limited to a vertical imprint (top to bottom), not horizontally on the front side of a document only.

In CapturePerfect, select the "Imprinter/Addon Dialog" tab.

Place a check in the box marked "Addon" to enable the Addon features.

You can enter any text that you wish to "digitally imprint" on your document in the text box (circled in red).

In addition, by clicking on the "Special" button, you can also add some pre-defined text to the imprint.

Once you have decided upon what text you wish to have digitally imprinted, you can choose where on the document you wish the imprint to be placed.

You can move the digital imprint Horizontally and/or vertically by inputting offset values.

For example, moving the "Horizontal Offset" from 150mm to 100mm will look like this:
Horizontal Offset: 150mm                                                                                              Horizontal Offset: 100mm

The character display orientation can also be changed by selecting the drop-down menu next to "Character Orientation:".

Here are examples of Character Orientation:
0 degrees 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees

There are two font sizes available (12x12 and 8x12).

See the examples below.
12 x 12 (default) 8 x 12

There are a couple of options for the Addon Type:

Black on White - If imprinting on a colored document, the digital imprint will have black text on a white background.
White on Black - The background will be black, and the text white.
Black on image - The text will be black with no background.

The final option is for the counter. To access the counter screen, click the "Counter..." button and you will be presented with the following pop-up window:

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