Introduction to the imagePROGRAF TX MFP T36 Scan-To-Copy/Filer/Share/Cloud [Video]

Article ID: FAQ100480 | Date published: 12/28/2018 | Date last updated: 12/31/2018


Canon continues to innovate and build on its award winning technology by offering faster and seamless solutions. Expanding on our award winning product line-up Canon offers two additional Scan-to-Copy/File/Share/Cloud systems – the 36” TX-3000 MFP T36 and the 44” TX-4000 MFP T36. These models are integrated, multifunction, large-format solutions that include a 36” T36 scanner, all-in-one touch screen computer, TX Stacker, and SmartWorks software. The scanner and printer work instantaneously allowing for greater productivity and effortless prints. A complete solution for architects, engineers, construction, GIS, and other professionals who need to scan, edit, save, share, and print large-format documents.

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Published on Jul 20, 2018

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