Differences between CaptureOnTouch Pro and CaptureOnTouch Standard

Article ID: FAQ100488 | Date published: 02/08/2019 | Date last updated: 02/25/2019


The following features are only available on CaptureOnTouch Pro (and are not available on CaptureOnTouch Standard):
  • Batch Separation - Batch separation with Barcode, Patch Code, and Blank Page.
  • Command Scan - Execute scanning with CaptureOnTouch by command from other applications.
  • Index File Output - Output text data extracted from scanned data as an index file.
  • Scan data Allocation - Create folders based on separator information, such as a barcode.
  • Naming schema - More various naming schemas become available.
  • Multi-Stream Support
  • VRS TWAIN Driver Support - Kofax VRS
  • CaptureOnTouch Job Tool - Mobile application for the NA10/WA10 Network Adapters
  • Additional Support Products - Support for the DR-X10C/DR-X10C II Common Driver
  • Added Security Settings - Added "security settings" to PDF settings.
  • Compatible with Scanner Redirect Function - Compatible with VMWare Horizon's scanner redirect function.
The following features are available on both the Pro and Standard versions of CaptureOnTouch:
  • Select scanner - One integrated software package for all scanners and user can select scanner to use when starting CoT.
  • Change scan settings - Change scan settings on continuous Scanning screen.
  • Supporting Flatbed - Supports the Flatbed Scanner Unit 102 and 201.
  • Plug-Ins - Scan to App/Print/Mail plug-ins available (need to be manually installed individually).
  • Support Thin Client - Works on Citrix XenApp
  • Supports high-resolution displays
  • Supports Arabic language

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