Where is the serial number on my MF260 series multifunction printer?

Article ID: FAQ100523 | Date published: 04/03/2020 | Date last updated: 03/22/2024


The serial number can be found on the label on the back side of the machine.

The serial number is a three digit alphanumeric prefix followed by five numbers. It is located on the bottom left side of the label when viewed from the back of the machine. It is beneath a bar code and to the right of "No.".

You can also check the serial number on the control panel of the device.
Touch Screen models (MF267/MF269)
Press Status Monitor on the screen, then Device Status, and then Serial Number

5 Line LCD Model (MF262/MF264)
Press the Status Monitor button, press OK. Press the down arrow to Device Status, then press OK. Press the down arrow to Serial Number, press OK.

Please be aware that there are two generations of this series. If you are trying to register the product on My Canon Account or use the serial number to download firwamre and it is not accepted, confirm whether the model has a Roman numeral II. The II denotes the second generation.

Complete model list is below to assist in checking the model.
First Generation Second Generation
  MF262dw II
MF264dw MF264dw II
MF267dw MF267dw II
MF269dw MF269dw II
MF269dw VP MF269dw VP II

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