How to access scanned files on the System Controller - Z36

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 SmartWorks MFP v6 has the Default Scan folder set to D:\Scan on the system controller. It is possible to make sub directories for users/projects and access the scan files across the network using HPPT. See details below.

Alternatively, the default Scan folder can be changed: See SmartWorks MFP Help.
  • To another SMB shared folder on the network.
  • SmarkWorks MFP User Accounts enables the ability to set a network scan folder using Server (SMB), FTP or FTP (SSL).
  • It is also possible to Scan to Email or Cloud.

HTTP Protocol

The scan folder can be accessed using the HTTP protocol in one of the following 3 ways on a network connected PC:
  1. Internet browser
  2. Network Location
  3. Network Drive
Access requires using the following username/password when prompted.
Username/password needed to access scan folders on system controller
  1. Internet Browser
    Simply enter the hostname "MFP_AIO" or the IP address of the system controller in the address bar of your internet browser. E.g.
     - http://MFP_AIO/ (If the hostname is not recognized or if there is more than one system on the network, use the IP address).
     - (This is just an example. The IP address of your system can be found using "Z Scanner IB No6aView or set the IP address on the System Controller-SG15315".)
    Use IP address.

  2. Network Location
    Open Windwos File Explorer and click "My Computer" in the left pane and then select the Computer tab and click "Add a netowrk location".

    Click "Add a network location"
    Enter the http address of the System Controller
    Enter the http address of the AIO
    This will provide a connection in Windows Explorer that you can open as any other folder.
    Access via Windows Explorer

  3. Network Drive
    Open Windows File Explorer and click "This PC" in the left pane and then select the Computer tab and click "Map network drive".
    Click "Map network drive"
    Select the drive and enter the http address of the System Controller/
    Enter the http address of the System Controller
    This will provide a mapped drive in Windows Explorer.
    Username and password will be required to access the shared SMB folder via Windows Explorer.

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