Comparison of the PosterArtist versions

Article ID: FAQ100655 | Date published: 03/03/2022 | Date last updated: 03/08/2022


The chart below shows the differences between the 3 versions of PosterArtist available: PosterArtist Online, PosterArtist Lite, and PosterArtist Full Version.
  PosterArtist Online version PosterArtist Full Version PosterArtist Lite
Delivery Web App+Print App(Win/Mac)Web download Package software product Bundled in printer box
Web download  2 CD disks 1 CD disk/WEB download
Cost Free Purchase required Free
Licence Limited Canon ID Required LMS( Licence Management System ) No limitation
Supported Draft PrintPrinter/Size Not supported CANON/Oce printers CANON/Oce printers
(A4/LTR) (A4/LTR)
Quick Copy x Works Works
Auto design x Works x
New Auto design Works x x
Design Check x Works x
Design Assist x Works x
Quick Change x Works x
Security Setting x Works x
QR Code  Works Works x
Guide, Grid、Ruler x Works x
Variable Printing x Works x
Image adjustment
Crop、Fill Works
Templates & Library
Template 585 207 124
Clip Art 1565 557 557
Word Art 0 95 95
Frame 9 158 158
Backgrounds 102 157 157

x - not available
Works - available
△ - different levels of editing available

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