PosterArtist Online - Supported Browsers

Article ID: FAQ100657 | Date published: 03/04/2022 | Date last updated: 03/08/2022


PosterArtist Online supports the following browsers:
  Mozilla Chrome Microsoft Edge Apple Safari Mozilla Firefox
MS Windows Y Y N/A
Apple Y N/A Y *1 N/A
Y = support browser
N/A = non-guaranteed browser 
*1 Safari is not supported on
only macOS 12 Monterey.
     If not supported, a message recommending Chrome browser is displayed.  

*In the functions of the browser, the following operations are not guaranteed.
 ・Block cookies.
 ・Do not allow JavaScript.
 ・Do not allow images to be displayed.
 The minimum font size excludes the default setting.
 Excludes 100% of page zoom.
 ・Browser translation.


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