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The machine does not support the paper size you specified.


Touch the Stop button, specify the proper paper size, then print again.

If you print on the non-standard size paper, you can specify a custom size within the following range to print.

  • Loading in the cassette 1:

    -Width: 89.0 mm to 200.0 mm (3.50 inches to 7.87 inches)

    -Height: 127.0 mm to 184.9 mm (5.00 inches to 7.28 inches)

  • Loading in the cassette 2:

    -Width: 90.0 mm to 215.9 mm (3.54 inches to 8.50 inches)

    -Height: 185.0 mm to 355.6 mm (7.29 inches to 14.00 inches)