Cannot detect paper size because paper is not in the correct position or because curled paper has been loaded.

What to Do

Lift up the release lever and reload the paper.

 Loading the Upper Roll on the Printer

 Loading the Lower Roll on the Roll Unit (Option)

 Loading Sheets in the Printer

If "There is a job whose printing is not complete. Do you want to print this job?" appears on the touch screen, tap Yes.

Printing will resume, starting from the page on which the error occurred.


  • If this error appears again even after reloading the paper roll, remove the roll holder from the printer, insert the paper roll firmly into the roll holder until it is up against the flange, and then insert the roll holder into the printer.

     Loading Rolls on the Roll Holder

  • This error might also appear if the platen has been dirtied by ink or another substance, or if the size of clear film could not be detected. In this case, open the top cover and clean the entire platen area.

     Cleaning Inside the Top Cover