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Cannot Find Printer on Check Printer Settings Screen During Wireless LAN Setup (Windows)-Checking Security Software Settings

Disable block in firewall function temporarily.

The firewall of your security software or operation system for computer may limit communication between the printer and your computer. Check the firewall setting of your security software or operation system or the message shown on your computer and disable block temporarily.

If firewall interferes with setup:

  • If message appears:

    If a message appears warning that Canon software is attempting to access the network, set the security software to allow access.

    After allowing the software to access, click Redetect on the Check Printer Settings screen to redetect the printer.

  • If the printer is found, follow the instructions on the screen to continue to set up network communication.

  • If no message appears:

    Cancel the setup, and then set the security software to allow Canon software to access the network.

    The file Setup.exe or Setup64.exe in the win > Driver > DrvSetup folder on the Setup CD-ROM

    After setting the security software, redo the network communication setup from the beginning.

    After setup is completed, enable firewall.


  • For more on firewall settings of your operating system or security software, see instruction manual or contact its manufacturer.

If above does not solve the problem: