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Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern

Examine the nozzle check pattern and clean the print head if necessary.

  1. Check for any missing lines in pattern C or horizontal white streaks in pattern D.

    A: No missing lines or horizontal white streaks

    B: Some missing lines and horizontal white streaks

    E: Number of pages printed to date

  2. On the checking screen, select patterns that most resemble the printed nozzle check pattern.

    In the case of A (no missing lines or horizontal white streaks) in both patterns (C and D):

    No cleaning is required. Tap All A, check the message, and then tap OK.

    The Maintenance screen is now displayed again.

    In the case of B (some missing lines or horizontal white streaks) in either pattern (C or D) or both patterns:

    Cleaning is required. Tap Also B, and then tap Yes on the cleaning confirmation screen.

    The machine now starts cleaning the print head.


  • On the nozzle check printout, the record of total pages printed is indicated in increments of 50 pages.