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Resending Faxes (Redialing Busy Number)

There are two methods of redialing: Automatic redialing and Manual redialing.

  • Automatic Redialing

    If you send a document and the recipient's line is busy, the printer will redial the number after a specified interval.

  • Manual Redialing

    You can redial to the recipients dialed by entering the fax/telephone numbers.


  • It may be possible that faxes will reach unintended recipients due to the misdialing or incorrect registration of fax/telephone numbers. When you send important documents, we recommend that you send them after speaking on the telephone.


Automatic Redialing

You can enable or disable automatic redialing. If you enable automatic redialing, you can specify the maximum number of redial attempts and the length of time the printer waits between redial attempts.

Enable and specify the automatic redialing setting on Auto redial in Advanced FAX settings under FAX settings.


  • While automatic redialing, the unsent fax is stored in the printer's memory temporarily until the sending fax is complete. If a power failure occurs or you unplug the power cord before automatic redialing is complete, all faxes stored in the printer's memory are deleted and not sent.


  • To cancel automatic redialing, wait until the printer starts redialing, and then press the Stop button.
  • To cancel automatic redialing, delete the unsent fax from the printer's memory while the printer is on-standby for a redial operation. For details, see Deleting Document in Printer's Memory.

Manual Redialing

Follow the procedure below for manual redialing.

  1. Make sure that printer is turned on.

  2. Load documents on platen glass or in ADF.

  3. Flick HOME screen, and then tap FAX.

    The Fax standby screen is displayed.

  4. Change send settings as necessary.

  5. Tap Redial.

    The Redial screen is displayed.

    figure: LCD
  6. Tap a recipient's number to redial.

  7. Press Color button for color transmission, or Black button for black & white transmission.


    • Color transmission is available only when the recipient's fax device supports color faxing.


  • For manual redialing, the printer memorizes up to 10 recent recipients dialed by entering the fax/telephone numbers. Note that the printer does not memorize any recipients dialed using the redial function or selecting from the directory.
  • To cancel manual redialing, press the Stop button. To cancel a fax transmission while it is in progress, press the Stop button, and then follow the instructions on the touch screen.
  • If documents remain in the ADF after the Stop button is pressed while scanning is in progress, Document in ADF. Tap [OK] to eject document. is displayed on the touch screen. By tapping OK, the remaining documents are automatically ejected.