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Setting Items for Copying

The following screen is displayed by tapping Settings on the Copy standby screen.

Flick vertically or tap to display setting items and tap the setting item to display the settings. Tap to specify the setting.

figure: Touch screen


  • Some settings cannot be specified in combination with the setting of other setting item or the copy menu. If the setting which cannot be specified in combination is selected, and Error details are displayed on the touch screen. In this case, tap on the upper left on the touch screen to confirm the message and change the setting.
  • The settings of the page size, media type, etc. are retained even if the printer is turned off.
  • When copying starts in the copy menu that is not available with the specified setting, The specified function is not available with current settings. is displayed on the touch screen. Change the setting, following the on-screen instructions.
  1. Magnif. (Magnification)

    Specify the reduction/enlargement method.

  2. Intensity

    Specify the intensity.

    figure: Touch screen
    1. Tap to activate/deactivate automatic intensity adjustment.

      When ON is selected, the intensity is adjusted automatically according to the originals loaded on the platen glass.

    2. Drag to specify the intensity.

    3. Tap to confirm the intensity setting.


    • When Auto is selected, load the original on the platen glass. You cannot use the ADF.
  3. Page size

    Select the page size of the loaded paper.


    • Only the page sizes selectable from the operation panel are displayed.
  4. Type (Media type)

    Select the media type of the loaded paper.


    • Only the media types selectable from the operation panel are displayed.
  5. Print qlty (Print quality)

    Adjust print quality according to the original.


    • If you use Standard with Type set to Plain paper and the quality is not as good as expected, select High for Print qlty and try copying again.
    • Select High for Print qlty to copy in grayscale. Grayscale renders tones in a range of grays instead of black or white.
  6. Layout

    Select the layout.

  7. ADF duplex scan

    Select whether to perform duplex scanning from the ADF.

  8. 2-sidedPrintSetting

    Select whether to perform two-sided copying.

  9. Collate

    Select whether to obtain sorted printouts when making multiple copies of a multi-paged original.

  10. Frame erase copy

    When copying thick originals such as books, you can make a copy without black margins around the image and gutter shadows.