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Cannot Find Printer on Check Printer Settings Screen During Wireless LAN Setup (Windows)-Checking Wireless Router Settings

Check wireless router settings.

Check wireless router network connection settings, such as IP address filtering, MAC address filtering, encryption key, and DHCP function.

Make sure the same radio channel is assigned to the wireless router and the printer.

To check the settings of the wireless router, see the instruction manual supplied with the wireless router or contact the manufacturer.

In addition, make sure the wireless router you are using is configured to use 2.4 GHz bandwidth.


  • Depending on the wireless router, note that different SSID is assigned for a bandwidth (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) or its usage (for PC or game machine) using alphanumeric characters at the end of SSID.

After checking the wireless router settings, click Redetect on the Check Printer Settings screen to redetect the printer.

If the printer is found, follow the instructions on the screen to continue to set up network communication.