Loading Rolls on the Roll Holder

When printing on roll paper, attach the roll paper to the Roll Holder.

Roll paper comes in two types: 2-inch and 3-inch cores. If using 3-inch core roll paper, attach the 3-Inch Paper Core Attachment to the Roll Holder and holder stopper.


  • Set the roll on a table or other flat surface so that it does not roll or fall. Rolls are heavy, and dropping a roll may cause injury.


  • When handling the roll, be careful not to soil the printing surface. This may affect the printing quality. We recommend wearing clean cloth gloves when handling rolls to protect the printing surface.

  • Cut the edge of the roll paper if it is uneven, dirty, or has tape residue. Otherwise, it may cause feeding problems and affect the printing quality. Be careful not to cut through any barcodes printed on the roll.

  • Align the edges of the paper on both ends of the roll. This may cause feeding problems.



  1. Push holder stopper lever (A) toward shaft to release lock, and while holding in position (B), remove holder stopper from Roll Holder.


    • Do not use the roll holder for feeding paper with the spacer (A) removed from the flange. It will result in the paper being sent askew.

  2. If using 3-inch core paper, align 3-Inch Paper Core Attachment tabs (A) with Roll Holder holes (B) and insert firmly.

  3. With leading edge of roll paper facing forward as shown, insert Roll Holder from right side of roll. Insert firmly until roll paper touches flange (A) of Roll Holder.


    • When loading a roll, be careful to avoid hitting the printer hard with the roll. This may damage the Roll Holder.

  4. If using 3-inch core roll paper, attach 3-Inch Paper Core Attachment to holder stopper.

    Align the tabs (A) of the attachment with the holes (B) of the holder stopper, and insert firmly.

  5. Insert holder stopper from left into Roll Holder as shown, and while holding in position (B), push firmly until holder stopper flange (A) touches roll paper. Lift holder stopper lever (C) from shaft to lock.