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Setting Administrator Password on Operation Panel

You can specify or disable the administrator password.

Specifying the administrator password requires you to enter the password to use the items or change the settings below.

  • LAN settings
  • Device user settings
  • Language selection
  • Auto maintenance settings
  • Hard disk settings
  • Administrator password setting
  • Status print (administrator)
  • Special administration mode

Follow the procedure below to specify the administrator password.

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.

  2. Flick HOME screen and tap Device settings.

    The Device settings screen appears.

  3. Tap Administrator password setting.

  4. When confirmation screen to specify administrator password is displayed, tap Yes.

    If an administrator password is not specified, the register confirmation message appears. Tapping Yes displays the message again. Tap OK.


    • The administrator password is set at the time of purchase. The printer's serial number is used as the password.

      For the administrator password, refer to Administrator Password.

  5. Tap Change administrator password.

    If you do not specify an administrator password, tap Remove administrator password. Tapping Yes displays the message again. Tap OK.

  6. Tap range where administrator password is valid.

    Remote UI or other tools
    Entering the administrator password is required to change the setting items using Remote UI or some software.
    LCD, Remote UI, or other tools
    Entering the administrator password is required to change the setting items using the operation panel of the printer, Remote UI, or some software.
  7. Enter administrator password.


    • The following character restrictions apply to the password:

      • Set the password by using 4 to 32 characters.
      • The allowed characters are single-byte alphanumeric characters.
      • For security reasons, we recommend you use 6 and more alphanumeric characters.
  8. Tap Apply.

  9. Enter administrator password you specified again.

  10. Tap Apply.

    The administrator password is enabled.

When You Want to Change or Disable the Administrator Password:

When the administrator password is enabled, tapping Device settings and Administrator password setting in this order and entering the administrator password displays Change administrator password and Remove administrator password on the touch screen. Select either item and follow the on-screen instructions to perform settings.