Removing the Lower Roll from the Roll Unit

Follow these steps to remove roll paper from the roll unit.


  1. Tap paper settings display area on Home screen of touch screen.


    • If the Home screen does not appear, tap the Home button.

  2. Tap area.

  3. Tap Remove paper.

  4. Check touch screen message and tap Yes.

    The roll is rewound.


    • If Manage remaining roll amount is set to Enable in the operation panel menu, a barcode is printed on the leading edge of the roll paper.

      Do not remove the roll before the barcode is printed. You will be unable to keep track of the amount of roll paper left.  (See "Keeping Track of the Amount of Roll Paper Left.")

  5. Using both hands, rotate roll holder in direction of arrow to rewind roll paper.

  6. Change Roll Holder Lock switch on roll unit to release position.

  7. Hold roll holder by its flanges (A) and remove from roll holder slot.