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Paper Setting List(Roll Paper)

This table lists paper settings that are selected from the printer's operation panel and the printer driver.

Paper Category Product Name Printer Driver Operation Panel
Plain Papers - Plain Paper Plain Paper
Standard Plain Paper 2 Plain Paper Plain Paper
Economy Bond Paper Plain Paper Plain Paper
Standard Paper 80gsm Plain Paper Plain Paper
Standard Paper 90gsm Plain Paper Plain Paper
Universal Bond Paper Canon Universal Bond Paper Universal Bond
Premium Plain Paper 80 Canon Premium Plain Paper 80 PremPlainPpr 80
- Plain Paper (Instant-dry) PlainP(Instant-dry)
Coated Papers Coated Paper 2 95gsm Canon Coated Paper Coated Paper
Matte Coated Paper 90gsm Canon Matte Coated Paper 90gsm Matte Coated 90
High Resolution Coated Bond Canon Hi Resolution Coated Bond Hi ResCtd Bond
Opaque White Paper 120gsm Canon Opaque White Paper 120g Opaque Paper 120
Matt Coated Paper 140gsm Canon Matt Coated Paper 140g Matt Coat 140g
Heavyweight Coated Paper HG Canon Heavyweight Coated PaperHG HW Coated HG
Matte Coated Paper 170gsm Canon Matte Coated Paper 170gsm MatteCoated 170
- Lightweight Coated Paper LW. Coated Paper
- Heavyweight Coated Paper HW. Coated Paper
Photo Papers Glossy Photo Paper 170gsm Canon Glossy Photo Paper 170gsm GlossyPhoto 170g
Satin Photo Paper 170gsm Canon Satin Photo Paper 170gsm SatinPhoto 170g
Glossy Photo Paper HG 170 Canon Glossy Photo Paper HG 170 GlossyPhotoHG170
Semi-Glossy Photo Paper HG 170 Canon Semi-GlossyPhotoPaperHG170 SemGlsPhotoHG170
Glossy Photo Paper 200gsm Canon Glossy Photo Paper 200gsm GlossyPhoto 200g
Satin Photo Paper 200gsm Canon Satin Photo Paper 200gsm SatinPhoto 200g
Glossy Photo Paper 240gsm Canon Glossy Photo Paper 240gsm GlossyPhoto 240g
Satin Photo Paper 240gsm Canon Satin Photo Paper 240gsm SatinPhoto 240g
Glossy Photo Paper HG 255 Canon Glossy Photo Paper HG 255 GlossyPhotoHG255
Semi-Glossy Photo Paper HG 255 Canon Semi-GlossyPhotoPaperHG255 SemGlsPhotoHG255
Premium RC Photo Luster , 10 mil Canon Premium RC Photo Luster RC Photo Luster
Photo Paper Pro Luster Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster Pro Luster
Premium Glossy Paper 2 280 Canon Premium Glossy Paper 2 280 Premium Gl2 280
Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 280 Canon PremiumSemi-GlossyPpr2 280 Prem.SemiGl2 280
Photo Paper Pro Platinum Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum Pro Platinum
- Lightweight Photo Paper A Light Photo PaperA
- Heavyweight Photo Paper A HeavyPhotoPaperA
Proofing Papers - Canon Proofing Paper Proofing Paper
- Lightweight Proofing Paper LW ProofingPaper
- Middleweight Proofing Paper MW ProofingPaper
- - News Proof
Fine Art Papers Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte Canon PhotoPprProPremiumMatte A ProPremiumMatteA
- Canon PhotoPaper ProPremiumMatte Pro Premium Matte
Premium Fine Art Smooth Canon Premium Fine Art Smooth Fine Art Smooth
Photo Rag 188g Fine Art Photo FineArt Photo
Photo Rag 308g Fine Art Heavyweight Photo FneArt HW Photo
German Etching 310g Fine Art Textured FineArt Txtr
Artistic Matte Canvas 340gsm Canon Artistic Matte Canvas ArtMatte Canvas
Artistic Satin Canvas 350gsm Canon Artistic Satin Canvas ArtSatin Canvas
Canvas Artist 340g Canvas Matte Canvas Matte
- Heavyweight Fine Art Paper HW Fine Art
- Extra Heavyweight Fine Art Paper EX HW Fine Art
- Japanese Paper Washi Japanese Paper
Textile Flame-Resistant Cloth HG Canon Flame-Resistant Cloth HG FlameResClothHG
- Fabric Banner Fabric Banner
- Thin Fabric Banner 3 ThinFab.Banner3
Sign - Synthetic Paper Syn. Paper
- Adhesive Synthetic Paper Adh. Syn. Paper
- Adhesive Synthetic Paper Adh. Syn. Paper
Water Resistant Matte Polypropylene Canon WaterResistantMattePP 115g Wat Res Matte PP
Adhesive Matte Vinyl Canon Adhesive Matte Vinyl Adh.Matte Vinyl
Scrim Banner Vinyl Canon Scrim Banner Vinyl ScrimBannerVinyl
Durable Matte Polypropylene Banner Canon Durable Banner Durable Banner
Backlit Film HG Canon Backlit Film HG Backlit Film HG
Durable Backlit Film Canon Durable Backlit Film Durable BL Film
- Backprint Film Backprint Film
Back Print Backlit Film Backprint Film Backprint Film
- Adhesive Vinyl Adhesive Vinyl
- Banner Vinyl Bannr Vinyl
- Glossy Film Glossy Film
CAD - CAD Clear Film CAD Clear Film
Special - Special 1 Special 1
- Special 2 Special 2
- Special 3 Special 3
- Special 4 Special 4
- Special 5 Special 5
- Special 6 Special 6
- Special 7 Special 7
- Special 8 Special 8
- Special 9 Special 9
- Special 10 Special 10