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Special Paper Setting List

You can select the ink usage amount in incremental steps.

You can correct lackluster colors or ink bleeding by selecting special settings for ink usage amounts that are suitable for the paper being used.

Use the special settings according to black ink type and the paper type, as described below.

Type of Special Settings Type of Black Ink Example of Applicable Paper
[Special 1] - [Special 5] PBK glossy paper,proofing paper
[Special 6] - [Special 10] MBK coated paper、matte paper、Fine Art Papers
Paper Category Printer Driver Operation Panel
Special Special 1 Special 1
Special 2 Special 2
Special 3 Special 3
Special 4 Special 4
Special 5 Special 5
Special 6 Special 6
Special 7 Special 7
Special 8 Special 8
Special 9 Special 9
Special 10 Special 10

The ink usage amount increases in five incremental steps as the number increases, with [Special 1] and [Special 6] being the least amount, and [Special 5] and [Special 10] being the most.

As the ink usage amount increases, colors become more vivid but bleeding occurs more easily.

We recommended that you try printing in sequence from [Special 1] or [Special 6] while checking the print results.