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Flame-Resistant Cloth HG

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Entry Description
Category Textile
Operation Panel FlameResClothHG
Printer Driver Canon Flame-Resistant Cloth HG
ICC Profile (Displayed Name) Canon PRO-6000S/560S Flame-Resistant Cloth HG -P
ICC Profile (File Name) CN_PRO-6000S_560S_Flame-ResistantClothHG-P.icc
Type of Black Ink MBK
Execute Color Calibration No
Tone Adjustment Not possible
Factory Default PRESET
Display Region JP,AS,OC
Product Name Flame-Resistant Cloth HG
Company Name Canon
Destination JP,AS,OC
Basis Weight (g/㎡) 183
Thickness (mm) 0.28
Roll Paper Size -
Roll Paper Size (inch) 42/36/24
Recommended Environment(temperature) 15-30℃ (59-86℉)
Recommended Environment(humidity) 30%-60%
Number of Borderless Printing Sides Two-sided Borderless
Borderless Printing Recommended Paper for Borderless Printing
Automatic Cutting Possible
Paper scrolling (outward) Possible
Paper scrolling (inward) Possible
Leading Edge Cut Length(normal humidity) 200 mm
Leading Edge Cut Length(low/high humidity) 200 mm