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Managing Job Queue (Deleting or Preempting Other Jobs)

Print jobs being processed by the printer are collectively called the job queue. You can delete or preempt jobs in the job queue as needed.

This operation is available using the operation panel or Remote UI.

  • Delete

    Note that only jobs that are not currently being deleted can be deleted from the job queue.

  • Preempting other jobs

    You can preempt other jobs by printing jobs that are currently being received for processing first.


Using Operation Panel

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.

  2. Flick HOME screen and tap Job management.

  3. Tap Print job.

  4. Tap data to delete or perform preempt printing.

    The screen below appears.

    figure: Touch screen
    1. Tap to delete data.

    2. Tap to perform preempt printing.

  5. Check message that is displayed and tap Yes.

Using Remote UI

  1. Display printer status on web browser.

  2. On Menu page, select Job management.

  3. Select Print job.

    The print job list appears.

  4. Select print job and select Delete or Prioritize.