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Printing Saved Jobs

Print saved print jobs stored on the printer's hard disk as follows.

This operation is available using the operation panel or Remote UI.

Using Operation Panel

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.

  2. Flick HOME screen and tap Job management.

  3. Tap Saved job.

    The Job box list screen appears.

  4. Tap box.


    • Enter the password if it is enabled.
  5. Tap Job list.

  6. Tap job to print.

  7. Tap Start print on displayed screen.

    The screen below appears.

    figure: Touch screen
    1. Tap to display the screen below. Specify the number of copies.

      figure: Touch screen
  8. Tap Start print.

Using Remote UI

  1. Display printer status on web browser.

  2. On Menu page, select Job management.

  3. Select Saved job.

    The saved job list appears.

  4. On Saved job page, select box.


    • Enter the password if it is enabled for a saving box.

  5. Select saved job and select Print.

  6. Enter quantity to print in Copies and select Yes.