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Setting Password

Change the administrator password by following the steps below.


  • The password is set at the time of purchase. The password is the printer serial number. The printer serial number is printed on the sticker attached on the printer. It consists of 9 alphanumeric characters (four alphabets followed by five numbers).

  1. Display printer status on web browser.

  2. Select Security.

    The menus are displayed.

  3. Select Administrator password setting.

  4. Select Change administrator password.

    If the administrator password is not set, registration confirming message is displayed. Select Yes. When message is displayed again, select OK.

  5. Enter a password, and then select OK.


    • The following character restrictions apply to the password:

      • Set the password by using 4 to 32 characters.

      • The allowed characters are single-byte alphanumeric characters.

      • For security reasons, we recommend you use 6 and more alphanumeric characters.

  6. When the completion message is displayed, select OK.