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Preparing for Faxing

Connect the printer to the telephone line and set up the printer before using the faxing functions. Then specify the basic setting such as sender information, date/time, and daylight saving time.


  • If the Power Disconnects:

    If there is a power failure or if you accidentally unplug the power cord, the date/time settings will be reset.

    • The settings for user information and directory will be retained.
    • All faxes stored in the printer's memory, such as unsent and received faxes, will be lost.

    If the power disconnects, the following will apply:

    • You will not be able to send or receive faxes, make copies, or scan originals.
    • When you are connecting the telephone, whether or not you can use it depends upon your telephone line or telephone.

Setting Up Printer

The printer must be set up depending on your telephone line and use of the faxing function.

All Setup


  • You can set the fax setting according to the instruction on the touch screen.

    If you set up according to the instruction on the touch screen, the receive mode is set to TEL priority mode or FAX only mode. To receive faxes with DRPD or Network switch, change the receive mode.