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Setting Items for Sending Faxes

You can change the send settings such as the scan contrast or the scan resolution on the Fax standby screen.

figure: LCD

Select to change the send settings.

  • ScanRes.

    The following settings of the scan resolution are selectable.

    Suitable for text-only documents.
    Suitable for fine-print documents.
    Extra fine
    Suitable for detailed illustration or fine-print quality documents.
    If the recipient's fax device is not compatible with Extra fine (300 x 300 dpi), the fax will be sent in the Standard or Fine resolution.
    Suitable for photographs.


    • When sending a color fax, documents are always scanned in the same resolution (200 x 200 dpi). The image quality (compression rate) is determined by which scan resolution is selected, except that Extra fine and Photo provide the same image quality.
  • Contrast

    Select a setting of the scan contrast from Lower, Standard, and Higher.

The touch screen returns to the Fax standby screen when you finish specifying the setting and selecting OK.