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Changing Registered Information

To change information registered for recipient and group dial, follow the procedure below.

  1. Make sure that printer is turned on.

  2. Select FAX on the HOME screen.

    The Fax standby screen is displayed.

  3. Select Function list.

    The Function list screen is displayed.

  4. Select TEL number registration.

  5. Select Directory registration.

  6. Select a recipient or a group dial to change.

  7. Change registered information.

    • To change an individual recipient:

      1. Select Edit recipient.

        The registered information screen of the selected recipient is displayed.

      2. Select entry field of name or entry field of fax/telephone numbers.

        The each edit screen is displayed.

      3. Change name or fax/telephone numbers.

      4. Select OK.

        The touch screen returns to the registered information screen.

      5. Select Register.

    • To change a group dial:

      1. Select Edit group dial.

        The registered information screen of the group dial is displayed.

      2. To change group name, select entry field of name.

        When edit screen of group name is displayed, change the group name, and then select OK.

      3. To add member, select Add member.

        When the printer's directory is displayed, select the recipient you want to add.

      4. To delete member, select recipient on list.

        When the confirmation screen is displayed, select Yes to delete the recipient from the group dial.

      5. Select Complete to finalize changing.