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Loading Documents in the ADF (Auto Document Feeder)


  • To scan a document at optimum quality, load it on the platen glass.
  1. Make sure that any original has been removed from the platen glass.

  2. Open the document tray.

  3. Insert the document in the document tray until you hear a beep sound.

    Load the document WITH THE SIDE TO SCAN FACING UP in the document tray.


    • For details on the supported originals, see below.

    • When you set the alarm to be silent in Sound control of Device user settings, the alarm will not beep even if the document is inserted in the document tray.

  4. Adjust the document guide (A) at the front of the printer to match the width of the document.

    Do not slide the document guide too hard against the document. The document may not be fed properly.