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Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

When entering user or recipient names or other information, you can enter or edit characters by selecting them on the screen.

Switching the Input Mode

The printer has one input mode for letters and another for numbers and symbols. To switch modes, tap Switch input mode (A) in the lower left.

To switch between lower and uppercase in the alphabetic mode and between different types of characters in the number/symbol mode, tap Shift (B).


  • The screen only shows numbers and symbols that are available for the type of information you are entering, such as numbers for telephone or fax number input.

Entering or Editing Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

Enter information as follows.

  • To move the insertion point (cursor position) in the input field (C)

    Tap Left or Right (D).

  • To delete an entered character

    Move the cursor to the character to delete, and then tap Backspace (E).

    Touch Backspace to keep deleting characters.

  • To insert a space

    Tap Space (F).

After you are finished entering information, tap OK (G).

Entering Letters With Accents or Diacritics

Tap the same key repeatedly until the desired character is displayed in the input field (C).

Key Lowercase Uppercase
a / A a å ä á à ã â æ A Å Ä Á À Ã Â Æ
c / C c ç C Ç
e / E e ë é è ê E Ë É È Ê
i / I i ï í ì î I Ï Í Ì Î
n / N n ñ N Ñ
o / O o ø ö ó ò õ ô O Ø Ö Ó Ò Õ Ô
p / P p þ P Þ
u / U u ü ú ù û U Ü Ú Ù Û
y / Y y ý Y Ý