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Useful Software

Canon offers the following software that enables more effective use of your product.

You can use printers and scanners more conveniently and more easily by using the software according to purposes.


  • Available software varies depending on your product.

Easy-WebPrint EX Windows

Easy-WebPrint EX is an application that allows you to easily print web pages displayed in Internet Explorer.

You can print a web page by automatically reducing its size to fit the paper width to prevent the edges from being cropped, or by selecting pages in preview.

figure: Easy-WebPrint EX screen


  • It is unlawful to reproduce or edit the copyrighted work of another person without permission from the copyright holder, except for personal use, use within the home, or other use within the limited scope as defined by the copyright.

    Additionally, reproducing or editing photographs of people may infringe on portrait rights.


  • Refer to Help of Easy-WebPrint EX for details on Easy-WebPrint EX.

    To display Help, while running Internet Explorer, select Help from the Easy-WebPrint EX menu on the Easy-WebPrint EX toolbar.

My Printer Windows

My Printer is software that allows you to display the setting screen of the printer driver or look up solutions to operational problems.

figure: My Printer screen