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Device Settings Tab Description

Many of the tabs in the Properties windows of the printer are controlled by Windows. However, the Device Settings tab is for specifying printer configuration-related settings and is part of the printer driver.
The Device Settings tab allows you to specify settings related to the printer unit.

Roll Unit
There will be a checkmark here if the lower level roll unit is attached.


  • Where the roll unit set in the winding device is attached, this checkmark will be removed.
Automatically switch paper sources (paper size priority)
Prints after automatically switching between roll paper 1 and roll paper 2 depending on the size of the paper to be printed.
This will save paper as the roll paper that will give the smallest margin when printing is automatically selected.


  • Make sure that the same type of paper is used in the upper level and lower level of the printer. Printing is not possible when different types of paper are used.
  • Be sure to click Acquire Status from the Device Settings tab to get information on the roll paper width. You may not be able to print correctly if the roll paper width is not correctly set.
  • Be sure to select Roll Paper (Auto) as Paper Source from Page Setup. This function cannot be used unless Roll Paper (Auto) is selected.
Roll Paper Width 1
Sets the width of the roll paper loaded in the upper level (Roll 1).
Roll Paper Width 2
Sets the width of the roll paper loaded in the lower level (Roll 2).
Update Media Information
Opens the Update Media Information dialog box.
Gets the latest media information from the printer and updates the media information in the printer driver.
Opens the Accounting dialog box.
By setting Accounting information, you add IDs to print jobs, and use the printer and cost management tool to tabulate print history information for any ID.


  • Accounting can be set only by users with Administrator rights.
    Users without Administrator rights may not be able to set Accounting information.
Acquire Status
Acquire information on the attachment of the roll paper unit or roll paper 1 or roll paper 2 paper width from the printer.
Based on this information, the Roll Unit and Automatically switch paper sources (paper size priority), and roll width settings are automatically switched.
Allows you to check the version of the printer unit.

Accounting dialog box

Click Accounting to display the Accounting dialog box.
The Accounting dialog box allows you to add IDs to print jobs. You can then use the IDs, along with the printer and cost management tool, to tabulate print history information.

Account ID
Enter the account ID to be set. Enter the ID by using up to 20 alphanumeric characters (0 to 9, a to z, and A to Z).
Prohibits Account ID changes
Prohibits changes to account IDs that have already been set.
Check this check box to prevent other users from changing IDs.