Roll paper 2 is empty.

What to Do

Follow the steps below to replace the used roll with a new roll of the same type and size.

  1. Lift up the release lever and remove the roll paper.

     Removing the Lower Roll from the Roll Unit (Option)

     Removing Rolls From the Roll Holder

  2. Load the new roll.

     Loading Rolls on the Roll Holder

     Loading the Lower Roll on the Roll Unit (Option)

  3. If no barcode was printed on the roll, specify the paper type.

     Changing the Type of Paper

  4. If Manage remaining roll amount is set to On in the touch screen menu and there is no barcode printed on the paper roll, set the paper length.

     Specifying the Paper Length

  5. If "There is a job whose printing is not complete. Do you want to print this job?" appears on the touch screen, tap Yes. Printing will resume, starting from the page on which the error occurred.


  • To stop printing, press the Stop button.