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CMS-XML Printing PDF Files (imageCLASS Android App LBP6770/LBP670/LBP7660/LBP7780 only)
If an error occurs when printing a PDF for which a password has been set, an error message is not displayed in the Android terminal. An error message is displayed on the control panel of the printer.
CMS-XML Print using AirPrint from your iOS device - iPhone or iPad
Good to know The printer has enough ink and paper. The printer is not displaying an error message . If the problem persists, use the printer driver on your computer to check whether the document can be printed normally.
CMS-XML How to Print Using Apple AirPrint
Basic AirPrint Usage 4. Check that the printer has enough paper and ink. 5. Check that no error message is displayed on the printer operation panel. If the problem persists, use the printer driver on your computer to execute printing and check whether the document can be printed normally on the printer.
CMS-XML Error on mobile device "No AirPrint Printers Found"
CMS-XML Sending images from a camera to an iPhone_1
Depending on the condition of the network you are using, it may take a long time to send movies. Be sure to keep an eye on the camera battery level.
CMS-XML FAQs for Nail Sticker Creator for Canon App
1001 error (No multi-purpose tray error) occurs.
CMS-XML Recording Movies Using a Smartphone as a Remote Control (Remote Control+Streaming) (VIXIA mini / LEGRIA mini)
REFERENCE To save battery power, the camcorders screen will turn off after about 1 minute. 9. iOS/Android device: Start the CameraAccess app.
CMS-XML Operations that can be performed using the NFC [Touch] feature
We recommend inserting a fully charged battery pack or using the supplied compact power adapter when using Wi-Fi functions.
CMS-XML Checking Printer Information - MG7720
This function displays printer information such as the remaining ink amount, the status, and detailed error information. You can also connect to the ink purchase site or support page, and use Web Services.
CMS-XML Scanning to a Cloud Service Using Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY (Android)
If you want to create a folder to save your scanned image to, tap the plus sign. If you tap the plus sign, you'll be prompted to provide a name for a new folder. Tap the name field and provide a name. If you try to create a folder that has a space in its name, you'll receive an error :
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